How to Design a Shopify Webstore

How to design a Shopify webstore

Having a Shopify webstore is a great way to sell your products, and it’s easy to set up. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re designing your site correctly so visitors can find what they’re looking for. If you don’t, you could be missing out on a lot of potential sales.


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Whether you’re planning to start a new business or you’re already running a successful Shopify store, the following websites may help you learn more about what it takes to design a good webstore. They’re also a great resource for finding solutions to your brand’s problems.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when designing a Shopify webstore is to make it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. This can be achieved through a simple side menu, which will allow visitors to quickly access the products they want.

Another way to make it easy for visitors to find what their looking for is to use a grid view. This feature is particularly helpful if your products have a lot of specifications. It will let users see your products in a catalog-like layout, and it can be a great way to showcase your products in a visually appealing manner.


Using Printify with Shopify is a great way to set up a POD (print on demand) store. With this app, you can design your own products, list them on different store platforms, and manage your orders all in one place. The app is easy to use and provides step-by-step instructions to get started.

This free app integrates with Shopify to allow you to create, design, and sell custom products. It also offers tools and features to improve your customer experience.

The app is free to download for up to five stores. The premium version, which costs $29 a month, has additional features.

To get started, you’ll need to create a Printify account and select your store. After that, you’ll be able to upload your designs.


Despite the fact that curated examples of Shopify webstore design may not always give you the true inspiration you’re looking for, you can still find examples of eCommerce stores that are unique and interesting. Below are a few examples of websites that showcase both great design and products that customers love.

Bluhobo is an online store that sells wooden eyewear. The website features a smooth, modern layout with full-width photos. The website also uses a bold font to attract attention to the products. The website offers a wide range of categories to choose from.

The online store for Rokos is an inspiring place for artists who want to share their work. The site is easy to navigate and features full-width photos and videos that showcase the brand’s quality. The website also includes videos of how the products are made and customer reviews.